The Hot Topic project

12 Jul

“I thought about how there are all these really great artists, and I keep their stuff around me all the time … And I wanted to make a song about it. And the ‘old me’ was like, you can’t make a song like ‘Hot Topic’ where you list all these people that you find inspiring. You’re going to leave someone out! But then I thought, ‘This is a snapshot of this moment and who we’re talking about today.’ So the three of us sat down and wrote out these lists and figured out who rhymed and who fit and who made us feel like we could do anything.” —Kathleen Hanna, Index Magazine (2000)

As an obsessive completist feminist librarian, I’ve always wanted to make some sort of list of everyone mentioned in “Hot Topic” and in the process learn about all these artists/activists who inspired those who inspire me. There’s no reason to be doing it now except that now is better than never. My goal is to assemble a collection of write-ups and resources on as many of the 57 people mentioned in the song as possible. Of course, I can’t do it all on my own, and I hope others will volunteer to contribute to this project.

If you want to help, email waythatwerhyme (at) The lyrics are available for easy reference on the song page.


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